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Welcome to the website which celebrates the twinning of our two towns - Briec de l'Odet in Brittany and Ruthin in Wales.

Here you will find a lot of information about the two towns, how the twinning originated, and of the many visits which have taken place in each direction. And as we want more and more people to join in and enjoy the many benefits of the twinning, you can find out how to get involved yourself!

For those of you who have already enjoyed the company of our guests or hosts, we are always pleased to receive any photographs or notes which we could add to the site.

We now look forward to welcoming a party of Briec people to Rhuthun next year. In the meantime there is a warm welcome to any people from the Rhuthun area, especially families, who wish to spend a few days in Brittany during this summer to contact Alan Kerouédan (Chairman of the Briec Twinning Committee) alain.kerouedan@wanadoo.fr who will be happy arrange accommodation with a local family.

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Information on the various ways in which you can join in and contact us.
Enlightening summaries of the 'official' visits made by the people of Ruthin to Briec.....
....and by the people of the Pays Glazik to Ruthin.
A summary of how many people have benefitted from twinning visits each year.
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